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Individualized MBTA Training

Good weather is here, so community skill building is upon us. Here at the LABBB Transition Program we strive to connect all of the pieces for our students to function independently as possible. Transportation to and from work  is one of those pieces. So, to accomplish this goal, we take our transportation lesson to the students very own neighborhood!

Our first individualized trip was Traveling from Arlington to Burlington via MBTA bus.

Goal: Replicate specific future home to work transportation.
Method: Students learn the specific bus route/schedule by their house. Park at their house and walk to the bus stop. Ride the bus to the Burlington Mall (Possible future job location). Practice time management, OTC medication identification and phone skills. Return back to student’s home via bus.
Result: Success!

Please enjoy our trip pictures.

Bag Lunch Vs. Buying

This never ending debate was tested by the LABBB Transition Program. We all have good intentions about being fiscally and nutritionally responsible with lunch, but life happens. My challenge to the students was to design my lunch for five days. They needed to keep it healthy, but filling all while staying under the very conservative $7.00 average per day buying lunch cost.

Goal: Design a bag lunch that will cost less than buying lunch.

Details: Buy enough lunch ingredients for five consecutive work days. Each day must consist of a sandwich, fruit and snack. We will breakdown the daily cost of the bag lunch and compare it to our average cost of $7.00 for buying lunch.

Results: Bag lunch WINS!!! $5.20 per day.
-Saving $1.80 per day. Also, included a fruit and a snack!
-$36.00 total monthly savings

image image

Fruit: 3 Bananas & 2 Pears
Snack: Individual humus packs w/ carrots
Wrap: Whole wheat wrap, spicy brown mustard, fresh roasted turkey breast (not processed), reduced fat pepper jack cheese, cucumber, red bell pepper and avocado.



Work Clothes Shopping

Taking the stress out of shopping for work clothes. From shoes, clothes and jewelry; we cover all the aspects that make up a professional outfit. Visit our Gallery page to see all of our pictures and videos.

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