LABBB Transition Program

The LABBB Transition Program is a specialized  program offered by the LABBB Collaborative. It has been specifically designed for students between the ages of 18-22 who present with moderate to mild special needs. The program focuses on the development of transitional skills, connections with adult service agencies, employment, career development, and post-secondary exploration to successfully participate in their community after leaving high school.

The Transition Program employs a dual approach to learning.

  • Academic-Based Curriculum 2 days per week.
  • LABBB Supported Worksites 3 days per week.

Our dual approach to learning has been formulated with one goal in mind; To live as independently as possible.

This approach is the combination of vocational OJT and classroom based curriculum into one week. This allows the student to gain real work experience while still having access to academic based curriculum.  These two areas are taught with a similar goal, thus resulting with the collaboration between work and school which promotes a seamless flow of learning



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